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Nov. 23, 2022

Safety in Family

Safety in Family


The Intentionally Emotive Podcast with Shaun Karim

Episode 35 - Safety in Family

This episode is a continuation of the series that includes the episodes “Am I a Bad Person?”, “Integrity”, and “Is Blood Thicker than Water?

The familial environment is important to so many, especially during this time of the year where we plan to spend time with family.  It’s typically a place of comfort and joy.  A place where you can feel safe.

But what happens if you don’t feel safe in that environment?  What were the causes of that?  Did you do something to foster that way of being?  Did others impose their will on you?  Is there anything you can do to change it?

In this episode, Shaun goes into detail about safety and what it means, and more importantly, identifying the people in your life who belong and the ones who don’t belong; how to identify them; how to keep your sanity; and the steps to take to ensure “safety in family” becomes your reality.

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