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April 20, 2022

E4 - Narcissistic Parents

E4 - Narcissistic Parents


Intentionally Emotive with Shaun Karim

E4 - Narcissistic Parents

In this episode, Shaun discusses the narcissism that parents can display sets the foundation for an unhealthy emotional life, which can negatively impact all aspects of your relationships with people, including yourself.  Overcoming this means understanding these narcissistic traits, why they are there, why they are being imposed on you, and the steps you can take to shed from this and be on your way to a life that has goals that are set by you.

That means instead of building on that foundation and seeing things crumble, you instead metaphorically take a sledgehammer of your truth to smash that foundation into pieces, then remove them from your life.  What’s left is nothing… but for you to set a new, healthy, strong, proper foundation so that when you build on that, instead of things crumbling, you can continue to build and build.  Build the life that you want; the one that you need; the one that you deserve.  The one that will make YOU happy.

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