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April 13, 2022

E3 - To Find Your Person, Find Yourself

E3 - To Find Your Person, Find Yourself


Intentionally Emotive with Shaun Karim

E3 - To Find Your Person, Find Yourself

So many of us repeat the actions and potential mistakes, and sometimes incorrectly try to fix the issues we saw of the people who were around us while we were growing up.  As little kids, we are copy machines of our environment.  Obviously, this can be a good thing when we learn to speak, to walk, to eat, to take care of ourselves as we continue to grow up.  The flipside to this is we can also repeat the patterns of our parents’ relationships, or any other romantic relationships we’ve seen, whether they are good or bad.  Sometimes we can see these issues in other people and try to fix them. The problem with that example is this sets us up for failure because the foundation isn’t laid correctly.  This impacts finding our “person” because we haven’t yet found ourselves.  To do that, you must do the work.  Listen now.






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