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Shaun Karim was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  Throughout his life, he encountered different forms of abuse and carried that trauma for decades.  It became part of his identity in his relationships with other people and himself.  Shaun suffered through depression and anxiety for decades, was in relationships with narcissists, was a victim of domestic violence, and was afraid of what may come in his future.


It was at his lowest moments when he had a choice–to continue with his family’s script and give up or to take a leap of faith and write his own future.


In his long and arduous journey, along with professional help, he learned the origins of his trauma and, more importantly, what he could do to overcome all of it.


He now wants to share his experiences and wisdom he obtained in his life and share what he has learned and his successes with others who need help.


Shaun is a mental health advocate who understands the pitfalls that toxic thinking and toxic people that are imposed on others, and he understands the “mental reset” that needs to take place.  You can learn about his journey and how to get to and lead an emotionally victorious life in his podcast “The Intentionally Emotive Podcast with Shaun Karim.”